A few hours later a package from Amazon arrived at work with the hardback version. Anyway, that’s why a svartalf we hadn’t seen named before is involved. Lovecraft shotouts. He wants future Dresden Files novels to be shorter. Last edited by: cheesegrits, He said the same thing applies to future Dresden books. A. (I assume he meant through rewriting a scene here and there.) All Wild Mass Guesses about Jim Butcher's next entry in the series, Peace Talks, belong here. The word count on Peace Talks is 211,000 words, and that number could still go up a little further. First Glimpse at 2022 Calendar. There is not one, but two Dresden Files books coming in 2020. Most of this review is whited out spoilers, because I just needed to say some things. (More writing stuff, but again relevant to future Dresden Files.) Dresden Files - Peace Talks SPOILERS (not BG) Erotic Adventures of S, Jul 12, 2020, in forum: Books and Anime Discussion. He was (apparently) attempting to “assassinate” someone at a svartalf facility--god forbid that Jim Butcher use misdirection. Dresden Files goes full grimderp with a side of explicit H.P. Ched Sep 2, 2020. Peace Talks hits on July 14, and then the 17th Dresden Files book will hit on Sept. 29, titled Battle Ground. Re: The Dresden Files Discussion Thread This is definitely a red-letter day. Dresden Files Word of Jim (WoJ) Compilation 3.0 (Spoilers) This page is the gateway to the Dresden Files WoJ Compilation. House of the Dragon Confirmed for 2022. Warning: Unmarked spoilers for Skin Game and previous novels. Pre-Release WMGs: [Dresden Files] Peace Talks -Spoiler Thread! The next Dresden book, Battle Ground, will be out on September 29 this year. Peace Talks (The Dresden Files, #16) by Jim Butcher September 4, 2020 by narfna 7 Comments Thread starter DisgruntleFairy; Start date Jul 16, 2020; Tags dresden files; Prev. For anyone who enjoys the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, the long-awaited next book, Peace Talks, is out today (including the audio book read by James Marsters). HBO Planning Dunk and Egg, Other Thrones-properties. Okay, so first, it seems apparent that Thomas wasn’t attacking someone at the peace talks--Marcone's people or otherwise. This message has been edited. No sooner does one novel of The Dresden Files hit the shelves, than fans start speculating about the next one. Replies: 219 Views: 17,470. Production and Costume Designers of House of the Dragon. I hope it lives up to the hype. Carlos gets mauled when he and Molly try to have sex. Dresden Files spoilers for Peace Talks/Battle Ground The Latest News. The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was check my Kindle and squealed like a kid on Christmas morning when I saw that Ghost Story had been delivered. Okay, so I know Jim Butcher’s latest installment of The Dresden Files came out only yesterday, but I devoured the whole thing by this morning, and I really want to talk about it, so in case the HUGE CAPITAL LETTERS weren’t enough, I want to make it really clear to everyone choosing to read further that there will be HUGE AMOUNTS of spoilers below.