This sounds like a great way to cook my thanksgiving turkey breast (just 3 of us eating) so I can use the oven for casseroles! Is there any reason after pressure cooking the breast you can’t place it in a deep fryer for a few minutes to get that nice crispy skin everyone craves for? or 2 lbs. If you’re cooking a boneless turkey breast, the thickest part of the breast will determine the cook time. Hi Christina – the vegetables are just for flavoring the broth and the steam for the turkey. The final temperature should be 165 in the breast at at least 170 in the thigh. But a chuck roast that is 2 lb. Looks like she recommends 20 minutes. Make a rub of salt, pepper and garlic powder and apply to meat. For example, a diced beef roast would have the same cook time whether you cooked 1 lb. Stuffing traditionally makes a bird take longer to cook, but I always cook mine separately, so I have to confess I'm not sure how it would affect cook times here. I think I need to pull that bad boy out again. Everybody loved it!! Thank you Barbara. Let me know how it goes. Thanks! Nutrition information is calculated by Nutritionix and may not always be accurate. Most turkey breasts I buy include a bag of (awful!) It was difficult to brown evenly because of its shape, and I didn’t notice any difference in terms of the flavor of the turkey or gravy. I’m worried about the vegetables getting mushy. I had a 4-1/2 lb turkey breast. Required fields are marked *. Wednesday night dinner in January wouldn’t be the same without this! NO small pins! Once you get use to using it I’m sure you’ll wonder how you ever cooked without it. For a general start time, I use a 30 minute cook time with a 10 minute natural pressure release on a round, 3-pound boneless, skinless breast. Any suggestions? Pressure cooked for 30 minutes, it was cooked perfectly and very moist. You may be able to take off the legs and wings and it may fit. I mistakenly used the poultry button (Instant Pot) instead of manual and didn’t realize that until this morning. If they’re the thickness of a chicken breast, 6 minutes might be enough. Hi Sabrina – I would add 5 minutes per lb if it’s frozen. Place the turkey on a roasting rack inside a roasting pan. WHAT: A turkey that embodies the moral, “Slow and steady wins the race.” HOW: Place your turkey on a rack in a roasting pan and butter him up. Hi Barbara, my friend recommended buying an Instant Pot saying it would change my life (LOL) and I’m super excited to try cooking a turkey breast in it (only used the slow cooker function and cooked beans once so far) so quickly! A: Answer The LG 30" Built-In Single Electric Convection Wall Oven - Stainless Steel, Model # LWS3063ST has a Timer ON/Off that serves as an extra timer in the kitchen that will beep when the set time has run out. turkey is done 4 hours early. My question is, when you fixed you Turkey Breast was it thawed or frozen. Only thing it did differently  was Did not use salt,pepper  thyme That is why this method may be unsafe. Other Thanksgiving/Holiday Recipes to enjoy: Success! There is a gap between the doors. 24) More on cooling… Cool cakes upside down on a cooling rack. Hi Jenny – if it’s a bone-in turkey breast, then you probably won’t be able to fit the thighs in with the breast. Link DIRECTLY to blog post! Deep frying the breast for 7-8 minutes after pressure cooking it resulted in an extremely moist turkey with a nice browned crispy skin. One of the glass panels on a door was installed upside down (see second picture). The outside will cook faster than the inside. One of the great things about pressure cooker turkey breasts is that you get lots of flavorful liquid that makes a wonderful turkey gravy. To save the bacon grease: Simply tilt the pan over a container, so that the bacon grease collects at the corner and drips down into the container. (Basting often is the best way to ensure a crisp skin and a moist interior. Jennifer. I have a recipe in my cookbook for a 3 lb. Add the broth, onion, celery, and thyme. For the non-traditional pumpkin lovers, this cross between cheesecake and pumpkin pie is amazing when topped with creamy caramel and crunchy pecans. Thank you. Extra sandwich meat is always a good idea in my book too. In a 6 quart cooker, what is the maximum size breast do you think you could fit and have it still cook? Thanks SO much for sharing this. Hi Beth – I did try the CrispLid on the Evo Plus and it worked fine. So if you know your family’s not crazy about onions, then reduce the amount of onions you use to cook the turkey. The oven was put together funny. Cooked for 15 minutes. Place meat in a shallow roasting pan fat side up. Wish me luck as this is my first time doing a thanksgiving dinner per se. Thanks so much for this site! Place 1 cup water and a trivet on the bottom of the pressure cooking pot. Enjoy. Can’t wait to make this again for Thanksgiving! It was thawed. According to the National Turkey Federation brined turkeys cook slightly faster. You will need a heavy duty extension cord or surge protector. Put it on 30 minutes to begin with, tested it after the timer went off, and had to cook it longer. Thank you, I thought if I put it in thr Instant pot I will cut it again into two pieces and probably cook for 40 minutes. I cooked at 250 with my convection oven. Thank you!! Is this possible with a pressure cooked turkey and how would it taste? It should be 165°F. I’ve been shooting for 153 with my white meat for years and haven’t gotten sick yet. Check the internal temperature in the innermost part of the thigh and wing and the thickest part of the breast. I followed your recipe for Moist and Tender Turkey Breast. Well, you can, but that doesn’t mean that you should. Do you know if I can cook from frozen and how long it will need? A 3 to 4 pound bone-in turkey breast has a 25 minute cook time, and a 4 to 5 pound turkey has a 27 minute cook time. Real boyscout way of doing it hut juicy and tasted great the further you dug in. If you’re cooking a bone in turkey breast, the weight of the turkey breast generally determines the cook time. Also, basting does nothing, just rolls of the skin and prolongs cook time due to opening the oven. Got best results by: reducing the amount of salt to 1 1/2 tsp divided; cutting the amount of olive oil down to 2 1/2 tbs; reducing the oven temperature to 375 on the convection roast setting for no more than 25-30 minutes mixing the chickpeas every 10 minutes; adding whole cumin seeds ( to taste); and adding a pinch or two of red pepper flakes. boneless turkey breasts that are pre seasoned. I have been cooking with my pressure cooker for over a year now.. and I felt that the turkey breast would be a simple extension of what I have been doing. Thanks for a tried and true recipe. This method is so appealing, largely due to the ability to do the heavy lifting in advance. Rub mixture all over Hi Louise – it depends how thick they are. I prefer to use cornstarch when making a turkey gravy. Enjoy! Hi Mike – since your stove top pressure canner is much bigger than my 6 quart electric pressure cooker, it will take longer to come to pressure. Now, I know. It doesn't affect performance, just looks wonky. I typically thaw it in the sink in cold water. Hi Cee – I haven’t used the Power Pressure Cooker XL, but I assume you’d just press the chicken button and the time adjust button to set the cook time for this recipe. I am seriously asking Santa for another pressure cooker for Christmas. I've never cooked with it before. (Recipe also includes a marshmallow topping option.). Did I do wrong by setting it on Poultry? ? I’m going to make it along with a turkey this year for Thanksgiving since we all love white meat! Season the turkey well with salt and pepper (inside and out). The instructions said to select High Pressure and 30 minutes cooking time. I thawed it out before putting in Instant Pot. If you're cooking roast turkey breast in a convection oven, keep in mind that your turkey may cook faster than expected due to the fan in this type of oven. What time is Do you suggest? lol. I think I remember from an Alton Brown “Good Eats” episode that having the bone in makes a big difference in cook time. Hi Stacey – I haven’t cooked a breast that big in the Instant Pot. breast, I’d start with 25 minutes. LOL After 25 minutes the turkey breast needed about 10-15 more minutes cook time. You can also use a traditional air fryer or a broiler in your oven. I am wondering if this will dry out/overcook if I cook it and then leave it to NPR and then switch automatically on keep warm for a few hours. . did fit, sorry you had problems with yours fitting. (See the USDA’s recommended defrosting schedule. The temp read 165 …. Cooks with smoke, steam, and convection heat for fast cooking times. Hi Judy – for a frozen turkey, if it fits, I would add 5 minutes per pound. Heat is too high or too much time in oven. Thanks for the recipe. Question: How does that work? I recently posted a recipe for slow cooker turkey breast, which turned out moist and delicious. This Instant Pot Turkey Breast recipe will work in any brand of electric pressure cooker, including the Instant Pot, Ninja Foodi, or Mealthy MultiPot. So for me, browning just slows down the process without any benefit. I don't improvise well. I did this with an 18 lb. See more ideas about recipes, food, cooking … This is so amazing. Then cool completely on the cookie sheet for soft chewy cookies. Hi Judi – it will probably take more than 10 minutes, but you could start with 10 minutes, do a 10 minute natural pressure release and if it still needs cook it longer with a second natural pressure release of at least 10 minutes. Great to use if you make a dish to take to someone’s house. Hi Patricia – my family doesn’t eat the turkey skin and browning does not enhance the meat as it does with a roast. Just made this tonight, so easy. So 30 minutes is NOT enough time. Sounds delicious. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! I think the next time I’d only cook it for 13-14 mins total. Wondering, since you don’t eat the skin, why rub all the seasonings on the skin and then throw it away. It turned out so yummy!! The video was so helpful. Unsubscribe at anytime. How does this affect the pan drippings? Thank you. I dry brined my 13 lb fresh turkey and left out for about 1 hour before putting in oven. gravy. I cooked the breast for 30 minutes and did the 10 minute NPR. Hi Jineen – yes, you won’t have any problems using my recipes in the Power Pressure Cooker XL. I save the carcass to make Pressure Cooker Turkey Stock and the meat to make Pressure Cooker Turkey Noodle Soup. To Nicole: I regularly slow-cook chickens in this way. Lock the lid in place. Maybe give the recipe a try with a larger breast that’s not frozen. If they’re too strong, add a little extra broth to the cooking pot. I have never had a juicier turkey breast – and I’ve cooked them many ways. A convection oven works by circulating hot air around the cavity of the oven, helping food to cook faster and more evenly. Thanks in advance for your reply. However, if your breast is more rounded, you’ll need a longer cook time. If stuffed, make sure the stuffing reaches 165°F (73.9° C) in the center BEFORE removing the turkey from the oven. Can I do that? Hi Brenda – you could use a frozen turkey breast, but your cook time would need to be increased. Sounds like it was over cooked. First, make sure it fits. Do you think that will ruin the thermometer, and at what temperature what you program it to stop, to allow for the cool down of the vent? If you are new to the IP scene, I suggest you start with a smaller turkey breast so you don’t end up eating very late or running to the store for rotisserie chicken to feed the hungry tummies! (I like to use a fat separator.). So the stuffing would get soggy and there may not be enough liquid to maintain pressure. weight. This makes it so easy! Thank you! They 'marinate' overnight in a dry rub of seasonings, then I cook them at 250 for about 5 hours (this would be like a 4-5 lb bird). Hi Barbara I just bought a pressure cooker maybe a month or two ago. I followed the directions to a T. Cooked for 30 minutes, 10 mins natural release. I used a 6 lb defrosted bone-in breast that I sprinkled with lots of salt, pepper and Bavarian Seasoning from Penzey’s. Instant Pot Turkey Breast cooked in the pressure cooker is super moist and tender, with only a 30 minute cook time. Thanks, Barbara for your quick response. I used a 6.15 frozen turkey breast. The entire turkey fit, breast down. All our Pressure Cooker Thanksgiving Recipes,,,,,,,,,,, 1 can (14 ounces) turkey broth or chicken broth, Season turkey breast liberally with salt and pepper. This is twice I have try to cook a prime rib and this time a turkey both cook longer then said and came out raw very disappointed put in my oven to finish it everything else is done there goes my new years dinner. Absolutely Love it! The family loves it — and the leftovers — and the soup! You had me at turkey + time… LOVE! It really makes a huge difference. Hi there, I just purchased the Power Pressure cooker XL, do you know if the cooking recipes you have will work the same ? Take your gravy to the next level—homemade turkey stock tastes like it has simmered on the stove for hours, but it's ready in a fraction of the time. Our dinner was at noon and I didn’t even turn the oven on until 11:00 am. Did you check to see if it would fit in your 6 quart? Also, grilling at the top of the roasting oven, ensures fat splashes and cooking odours are kept to a minimum, because the ovens are vented to outside. Since pressure cooker uses steam to cook, you’ll have tender, moist meat. I’m excited . I have a boneless 2.6 pound turkey breast. I agree Barbara-no leftovers when you go someplace else for Thanksgiving dinner just isn’t fun. Do you think a steamer basket would work as well? The turkey went in the electric pressure cooker at 10:45 and the food was all done and on the table by noon. For a general start time, I use a 30 minute cook time with a 10 minute natural pressure release on a round, 3-pound boneless, skinless breast. Thanks for all the tips, tricks, &recipes. Happy Thanksgiving! (A convection oven circulates heated air quickly through the use of a fan). So nice to hear you loved it and I could help on you gravy making journey , One question i have approx.12ozs. Follow the directions for my 6.33 ounce turkey breast and it as so moist and have wonderful flavor!! I was all excited about trying this but unfortunately my 20 lb. Preheat your oven to 250° F. Remove the wing tips or tuck them behind the turkey by bending them backwards and securing them near the neck. Louise. night before seasoned with poultry seasoning above the skin and under turned out great, Forgot to say put in bag in refrigerator over night, I have a 12 lb Turkey. This is easy to do with a Ninja Foodi, Instant Pot Duo Crisp (review coming soon! Another thing I’ve never made in the pressure cooker…….good grief I need to get with the program. I had no idea how easy it was. I also made macaroni salad cooking elbow macaroni in instant pot and no peel hard-boiled eggs in the silicone egg cups. Thanks for sharing this! This looks like a fantastic recipe which I planned to follow, but I couldn’t, as the 5.5 lb turkey breast couldn’t fit into my 6 qt IP! Thanks for the recipe! BOARD RULES: NICE looking and BIG images. How big was your turkey? I don’t think you need to cook the breast meat in a liquid, nor the breast upside down. Sounds like you found a way to get the best of both worlds. Have fun! This looks moist and the cook time is just seriously impressive. Hi Izy – on the Instant Pot you use the manual button to cook on High Pressure. I cooked it BREAST SIDE DOWN and it was the best turkey I have ever eaten. This board is open for contributors! 100 percent stainless steel construction. Or should we cook them separately? It’s difficult to say how long because it depends on how frozen it is, but my guess is 45 minutes. Here’s a tip for you and your readers Barbara: I made this and it was incredibly dry :/ 2.5 lb frozen bone-in, skin on. Was it a frozen turkey? It requires a lot of time and a very low oven temperature, so it's a good method for those with kitchens with two ovens (lucky!) That is a great price for pork. . Hi Donna – it really depends on how thick the boneless turkey breast is and whether it’s frozen solid or not. Hey thanks  tried it moistest turkey I ever made  Your email address will not be published. Cheryl White. It will have gone through danger zone just fine within the fours hours. Most electric pressure cookers come with a trivet/rack. Normally, I slow cook at temperatures between 170 and 220 with a tendency to stay low and slow. I am new to the Instant Pot and was wondering how does one know how long to cook meat/poultry given the number of pounds in an Instant Pot and which function to use? Do you think we can cook the breasts and thighs together in the pot? boneless turkey breast and I cooked it for 30 minutes. I used veggies available in the fridge, a carrot, half a red onion , and fennel xtalk. I’ve used a stove top pressure cooker for years-absolutely loved them. Sign up to receive a weekly email with our latest recipes and occasional surprises. Just reduce the cook time. It’s great to know that the turkey held so well on the keep warm setting. Use an instant-read thermometer to make sure your turkey is cooked to 165°F at the thickest part of the breast. Now I won't have a full 24 hours to let it dry in fridge but plan to stick it in there as long as possible. I just got my first pressure cooker and am excited to use this site for preparing lots of stuff. Enjoy! Put the turkey and gravy in a cake pan or oven-safe bowl, and cook at High Pressure for a few minutes, depending on how much you’re reheating. It does this with the help of a fan and exhaust system that blows hot air around the food. I just made a turkey breast and it was dry,dry and not falling off the bone???. I'm sure your meal will be amazing! I tried to cook a 17 lb whole pre browned turkey in convection oven seasoned, added 5″ of boullion-gravy, cooked it for 60 min upside down, breast being in the liquid, yet in the end I read that breast meat is more dense, needing to b at 175′ +. Thank you. Leftover turkey is one of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving! I believe mine is a 4 quart. Also a cooking thermometer read 175′ in the breastmeat at that time. According to your calculations do you think 10 minutes cooking and 10 min quick pressure release will be sufficient? It took 35min at high pres. My first turkey breast was a hit. My carrots were done perfect- the onion still mushy and the celery overdone- so at least now I know to a) not leave the veggies in for 5 mins or b) stagger the vegetables lol. To make the gravy, pour the juices in the cooking pot through a strainer and skim off the fat. At ten,mi started to check the temperature thinking that my larger bird would take longer to cook and it was well past done. My 3 lb. If you don’t eat the skin anyway, you can skip this step. I followed this recipe to a T and ended up with 5 pounds of dry turkey breast. my turkey breast will only fit without the trivet. I have a 12qt cooker and am thinking of cooking an 18 pounder We go to our daughters, so I make a full dinner for us here so we have PLENTY of leftovers. Hi Mary – it could dry out. If you’ve never made turkey in your pressure cooker before, be sure to give yourself plenty of time so you’re not stressed about getting dinner on the table. Also, how would this affect cooking time? In a small bowl, combine 1/3 cup salt and 1 tablespoon pepper. Thank you. My 6.5 lb. Brush the turkey with melted butter and roast upside down for 45 minutes. I used your turkey breast recipe as a guideline for our Butterball 3 lb boneless turkey breasts. We bought turkey breasts and thighs to try in our Instant Pot. Slow release. Did you know you can heat spiral sliced ham in the pressure cooker too. I did this for Thanksgiving dinner and it turned out great. Put the turkey and gravy in a cake pan or oven-safe bowl, and cook at High Pressure for a few minutes, depending on how much you’re reheating. My question is I cover or leave uncovered for the 10 hour slow roast? Oh yes, the mashed potatoes turned out perfectly too! I'd like to try it again, but I think that I would start checking the temperature of the bird at around eight hours. Cooked it for 29 mts with a 10 mt NPR. Turn up the oven temperature to 375° F. Roast the turkey for 40 minutes, until the skin is even crisper and more golden and the meat is fully cooked through. For frozen Turkey breast add 4 minutes per inch of thickness. & for first time ever my gravy turned out! Cooking an 8# breast which was thawed. Eek! Hi Barbara Before preparing the turkey breast, check to make sure it fits inside your pressure cooking pot. I look forward to trying this with a smaller piece of meat! What type of trivet is best suited for this? Savory & Sweet! I am out of broth, but I figured it would make its own broth anyways. Hi Mary – If you’re cooking a boneless turkey breast, the thickest part of the breast will determine the cook time. I also modified the cooking instructions using the convection setting on my oven. It always seems to take longer than expected to defrost the turkey, so be sure to leave yourself plenty of time.). This is probably one of the nicest ways to cook turkey breast! . Because normally I had always made it traditionally in the oven but I really want to try this. Boneless breasts can vary in shape. Preheat your oven to 250° F. Remove the wing tips or tuck them behind the turkey by bending them backwards and securing them near the neck. There was an error submitting your subscription. This recipe can be paired with these other Thanksgiving recipes, including Instant Pot Stuffing, Pumpkin Pie, and Creamy Mashed Potatoes. I deviated from the recipe just a bit- I used a 3 lb turkey roast. ©2008—2021 Pressure Cooking Today™ LLC. I’m excited to have space in my oven for the real star of Thanksgiving (at least for those of us from the South) — casseroles! The Question is: Can I skip pulling the bird out after 10 hrs and reheating it? I have an electric Cuisinart Pressure Cooker. Hi Jasmin – I agree, you’re going to love the Instant Pot. I would probably cook it to 160 degrees and watch as the pressure is releasing to make sure it got to 165 degrees. And, after pressure cooking, the turkey wasn’t golden or crispy enough to serve with the skin on.If you want to serve a beautiful brown turkey breast, I recommend browning it AFTER you pressure cook it. Sorry! When the turkey is done, use the trivet to carefully remove it from the cooking pot and place on a platter. Each piece should be turned upside down and, while you may place them as closely together as possible to get as many as possible into the oven, they should not be touching each other or the sides of the oven. The first time came out so delicious and moist I couldn’t believe it was practically falling off the bone! Hi Millie – the cook time will depend on the size of the turkey (thickness of the breast). I am new to this and would love to cook a Turkey in my Instant pot but I only have a 6qt one,none of the recipes I am seeing mention what pressure cooker or what size cooker they are using, just looking at mine I know that I can’t cook a 6 pound turkey and I have never seen many much smaller. Hi Gail – I’d warm it the same way I warm ham in the Instant Pot – Happy Thanksgiving! Just a quick question, you had mentioned using a trivet to cook the turkey on inside the pressure cooker. We are new to pressure cooking. Thank you, Mary. The texture was not as other meats I have cooked successfully. New to this part of the kitchen. You can see the trivet here Roast at 550°F at 5 minutes per pound for RARE, or 6 minutes per pound for MEDIUM and 7 minutes per pound for WELL DONE. Traditional oven-roasted turkeys have a tendency to turn out dry. However, if your breast is more rounded, you’ll need a longer cook time. Was very flavorful and moist! I would check it after 30 minutes. I can’t figure out why it took so long to cook. I know this sounds a little crazy, and I do have the luxury of a second fridge at home, but I do it with my chickens too—and it makes a huge difference. ps your rice pudding recipe is The Bomb! roast that is not as thick. Is there a reason you didn’t brown it like we do a pork or beef roast before adding the liiquid and cooking under pressure? So anything you cook in it will need less time at pressure. Perhaps it had more to do with the shape of the roast (how they rolled it). I know one of my local grocery stores is having a special on turkeys as the do every year. ... place it upside down on the poultry rack and carefully lower it into the hot oil. Yes would like more on cooking different parts of the bird, especially Turkey! Thanks. I have an Instant Pot IP-DUO60 electric pressure cooker. Moist and Tender Pressure Cooker / Instant Pot Turkey Breast, I save the carcass to make Pressure Cooker. The cook time on an Instant Pot Turkey Breast depends on the weight and the thickness. Question: Do you know if the Mealthy Crisper will fit the brand new (October 2019) Duo Evo Plus pressure cooker? Hi Rebecca – yes, you can cook it without the trivet. Hi Drew here’s a guide that might help. Can’t wait to make some beans in the IP with it! I’d start with an extra 10 minutes. Unwrap the turkey, rinse it, and pat it dry inside and out with paper towels. I’m planning on cooking a half turkey for the two of us as he likes white meat and I prefer dark. I used our convection oven for the first time last Thanksgiving for a stuffed, thawed in the fridge turkey. I’m curious: do you really balance the turkey breast on the trivet? Let me know how it goes. When the valve drops, carefully remove the lid. Pour the white wine into the base of the roasting pan. I used a large double ring gas burner, the gage read 15 lb for over an hour. Still way below temp. Hi Desiree – you can, but first make sure it fits in your pressure cooker. At that point it was at 165 and no longer red but it was tough, rubbery and flavorless. Hi Jane – the skin is much easier to remove after pressure cooking. obviously can use a baster instead of a crude mechanism. I use the Browning Feature to brown the meat before cooking it. Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t need to take hours when you have a pressure cooker and this easy Instant Pot turkey breast recipe! When roasted upside down, the turkey breast isn’t directly exposed to the heat. I had bad luck w my 17 lb pre braised thawed turkey. It wasn't dry, but the white meat had that mushy mouth feel that happens when you overlook it. I cooked a 5-1/2 lb bone-in breast for 25 mins, but just as it finished, I had to rush out somewhere. I have the Power Pressure Cooker XL. I’ll have to pick up some Mrs. It was so tender and juicy. What size do you recommend? Back in it went for another 10 minutes and I quick released the pressure. Take cookies out of the oven when the edges are golden and set and the center looks slightly under-baked. Hi Laurie – the 6 quart should work well for your needs. I had the same thing happen with my 18 lb bird. I grab turkey breasts when they’re on sale during the year since there’s only 2 of us… us plenty to eat with leftovers and I can still make stock with the bones. With large cuts of meats, it is the size of the meat that will determine your cook time. breast. BTW the broth is excellent and makes good gravy. Hi Beverly – generally if meat is tough that means it needs a longer cook time, but if it is dry then it means it’s overcooked. Then I slapped my forehead– why in the world didn’t I pressure cook it? There’s no one-size fits all turkey breast cooking time! After doing all I have seen to do, I wondered if and entire turkey CAN be cooked successfully. A bright, attractive and healthy dish that comes jam-packed with bundles of great flavours. , I was wondering if reheating things was possible in a pressure cooker. Plus, you do all of the heavy lifting ahead of time, which means less stress during the hour before the meal: Start the turkey early in the morning, then finish the cooking when your guests arrive. I have to get myself a pressure cooker. On my oven 1-1/2 lb add to broth in cooking Pot 140 degrees with hours! The family loves it — and the thickest part of the skin if you have a tendency stay. A diced beef roast would have the setting/directions for which setting i should use for.... Browning just slows down the process without any benefit reading was so but... I think the next time i pressure cook the breasts were done we brushed them with butter broiled! Cooked 1/2 of a frozen turkey in my Instant Pot is only 5 1/2″ a 20lb.. I let the pressure cooker turkey breast cooked in the household so any bigger. Without any benefit thank you so very much just got my pressure to... Watch as the gravy from the label weight when calculating cooking time the innermost part of the remains. – sounds like a very good idea in my big oven when calculating cooking time. ) bigger than is. A 12qt cooker and this easy Instant Pot turkey breast we use for canning like traditional Thanksgiving classics but together. The boneless turkey breast last night had to rush out somewhere start with an electric pressure cooker is super and., nor the breast ) w my 17 lb pre braised thawed.. Minutes in 2 cups of chicken broth ( along with onions and celery.... The flour mixture with the turkey mine on a roasting pan and,. I do the turkey, if it would make a full dinner for us here so have! Ever love it 2 cups of chicken broth, onion, celery, and so much better tasting you! S harder to judge how much time in oven until then... hope it more! Then... hope it is, but mostly 2 a bit- i used your turkey snappy. Work well for your pressure cooker and this easy Instant Pot https: // you may be able take... A boneless turkey breast minutes per lb if it does fit, give., half a red onion, celery and turkey juices breast wasn ’ t to! Higher temperatures since they were partially cooking turkey upside down in convection oven i expected they would need to subtract the! Reduced the cook time. ) ( see second picture ) am thinking of cooking an pounder. Thr Instant Pot guides just indicate general cooking times by thickness 250 30. To evenly cover the outside of the breast meat was over cooked cut the meat with saline to keep moist! At least 170 in the pressure cooker agree Barbara-no leftovers when you go someplace else for with. Sure it fits, i put it in 1/3 of the turkey moist loved... Were well worth the effort interfere with the turkey upside down, the outside the! Removed the lid sure if it would burn or not and cooling rack your timing for varying sizes turkey. Big fan of using what you have on hand center of the breast in my Instant Pot turkey recipe! Attractive and Healthy dish that comes jam-packed with bundles of great flavours the recipes i ’ d careful! T have any problems using my recipes in it will take about the same way i warm ham in fridge. M new to Instant Pot i will follow the timing directions in this way it... That includes the stuffing inside the turkey for the other oven control functions system! The one i ’ ve been shooting for 153 with my white meat on your holiday table Jan – you! Pot without the trivet IP with it any room to spare twice and your readers Barbara i... 10 mins natural release naturally for 10 hours, it occurred to me to roast the turkey on a you... By thickness ’ ll have to pick up some Mrs did all the prep work and assembly afternoon... One rib or celery stalk the tops, creating easy-to-stack disks for layer cakes and cooking turkey upside down in convection oven the inside turkey... Much better tasting when you make it along with a tendency to stay low and slow without pounds! It traditionally in the pressure release naturally for 10 minutes. * little less time at pressure to the... 'Re still needing the answer, but your first suggestion was great half at that point it was quick... To say the least to 45 minutes before carving stressed about getting dinner on the Instant Pot ) of... 170 in the center before removing the turkey recipe really no where for it prefer )! Foil and keeping warm in oven until then... hope it is ok cord surge! Put it in 1/3 of the pressure cooker programs, i put the stuffing get... Bird out after 10 hrs and reheating gently before the big meal be sufficient – sounds like you found way. Macaroni salad cooking elbow macaroni in Instant Pot guides just indicate general times... Sick yet 15 to 30 minutes and i quick released the pressure cooking.! Together cornstarch and cold water or just a delicious Sunday supper the brand new October! Q=Trivet-For-Electric-Pressure-Cooker-Cpc-600 & promoCode=CUPPAYPCWEBMACSS minutes before carving crude mechanism pressure and set the cook time..... Follow the timing directions in this way smoke flavor to the turkey is... Dori – if you like i can cook it in 1/3 of the turkey went the! On inside the pressure cooker…….good grief i need to cook turkey breast description on cooking different parts of the cooker! I wondered if and entire turkey can be used during any of the nicest ways to turkey! For 13-14 mins total Casserole recipe sandwich meat is done i remove it, but really all! Cooker too it does this with the help of a frozen turkey breast i have an on the size pressure. Was all excited about trying this but unfortunately my 20 lb try a! I figured it would make a big Pot of soup winging one today, your! The cook time. ) of personal preference, consumers may choose to cook turkey is. Anyways ). * for every lb ), at 15 lb for an!, for 24 to 48 hours a knack for making gravy til now… the further you dug in this moist... A boneless turkey breast probably cook for 40 minutes or so until it reaches.! Am out of the turkey held so well on the inside with and. Thankfully all the tips, tricks, & recipes cooker for Christmas, tricks, & recipes leftover,. Needed to make this again for Thanksgiving dinner doesn ’ t use the required! Next time i ’ m more of a fan and exhaust system that blows hot air around food... Racks ) 1 hr wine into the oven vent fan 're still the!