She wrote to Guice, she said. “She was just kind of shaken about it and not knowing what to say about it, but definitely knowing something wasn’t right,” the friend said. Though her memories the next morning were hazy, she said, she knew she’d been assaulted and had “trauma down there.” She suspected Guice was responsible because he had put his number into her phone. The investigator interviewed the woman for three and a half hours, with breaks, over Zoom, asking detailed questions about the sexual assault allegation, the woman said. The other woman shared a letter she wrote to Guice while in rehab, and details in the letter are the same as what she and two friends told USA TODAY about the alleged assault. East Baton Rouge Judge Janice Clark ruled in favor of Samantha Brennan in her case against LSU Dec. 29. The coach reported it to athletics officials, who questioned the friend, she said. They finally caught him,” she said. The father said Sell told him, “I don’t believe her.”, “I was floored,” her father said. She told a few close friends that Guice had taken advantage of the situation, though she did not explicitly describe it as rape at the time, she said. When a nurse at the health center asked if she planned to pursue a complaint against Guice, the woman said no. She was drinking before practice, and her teammates became so concerned that they told Julia Sell, the head women’s tennis coach. “He’s like a god around here,” the woman recalled the nurse, an LSU employee, saying. USA TODAY reporters interviewed two people who said the women described to them what happened within days of the alleged assaults, another who was told within a few weeks and three more who said the women told them months later. The woman said she was not able to retrieve a copy of the text because she got a new phone and did not keep the messages. LSU has been ordered to make public unredacted police records involving a former student's allegation of video voyeurism against former star running back Derrius Guice, and the university has also been ordered to pay $100 a day for the three-month period that LSU withheld those records after receiving requests for them. It released a statement that evening saying it learned of the domestic violence allegations the day before and released Guice “upon review of the nature of these charges and following internal discussions.” The statement made no mention of alleged sexual assaults. Both women told USA TODAY that Guice assaulted them in their apartments after nights of heavy drinking. In total, at least nine LSU football players -- former LSU safety, also among them -- have been reported to police for sexual misconduct and dating violence in the. She said she searched for the message in cloud storage and old backups but was unsuccessful. The initial report included allegations against Guice, and that multiple school officials had knowledge of physical abuse committed by former LSU wide receiver Drake Davis. A woman, whose name is concealed, told police Guice choked her with his hands until she was unconscious. The most serious charge against former Washington Football Team running back Derrius Guice has been dropped, but he still faces trial on four misdemeanor charges related to a … - USA Today released a report Tuesday regarding an alleged cover-up and mishandling of assault claims made against multiple athletes at … She wound up in rehab, where counselors asked her to write a letter to the person she despised most. Formal complaints are promptly and fully investigated and the rights and privacy of students are protected as stipulated by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Orgeron, in a statement to the publication, said that he has followed Title IX reporting protocols. In April 2017, the woman checked herself into rehab, which LSU paid for, her father said. “I just unlocked the door and looked at him,” the woman recalled. Title IX coordinator Jennie Stewart told her it did, but the record didn’t name Guice, she said. Guice turned himself in that evening, spokesman Kraig Troxell said, then paid a $10,000 bond and was released from custody. or implementing interim measures to support her. Early in the second semester, she hosted a party that Guice and several other football players attended. The Rams selected Southern Methodist defensive lineman Justin Lawler in the seventh round of the NFL draft with the 244th pick. Although she’s pieced her life back together, she said the alleged rape is “always going to be something that happened to me, always going to be a part of me.” When she saw that Guice had been arrested, she said, a part of her was glad. The woman transferred to another school after leaving rehab that August. The cup left behind had Guice’s name written on it, she said. A friend of the woman, an LSU athlete at the time, told USA TODAY she was at the bar that night. Two years later, the woman called LSU’s Title IX office to find out if it had any record of her assault claim. LSU has been ordered to make public unredacted police records involving a former student's allegation of video voyeurism against former star running back Derrius Guice, and the university has also “Let’s be clear: every act of sexual violence and abuse is unacceptable,” Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said in a statement. The friend said she could not recall the name of the official she spoke with, but it was a woman. LSU did not answer specific questions. "But he wants to be absolutely clear. 3. Darrel Williams knows a thing or two (or three, or four) about patience. I told him, ‘Do what you need to do.’, “After that, I closed the door in his face and locked it.”. LSU “was unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious in its refusal and delay and the redacted manner in which the documents were produced,” Judge Clark wrote in the ruling. During final exams the semester of her alleged assault, someone dumped a protein shake on her car windshield, she said. "To bring up such assertions only after the Virginia charges were initiated certainly calls into question the credibility, nature and timing of what is being alleged years later. The former tennis player lived in the same apartment complex as Guice. Inova Health is canceling all first-dose appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine, effective Tuesday. On Dec. 29th, Baton Rouge District Judge Janice Clark ruled in favor of the media company and former LSU student Samantha Brennan. “I was very drunk,” she said. One of the women who alleges Derrius Guice raped her at LSU was asked by counselors in rehab to write a letter to the person she despised the most, whom she said was Guice. On Aug. 7, one day after the call, the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office arrested Guice on three counts of assault and battery and counts of destruction of property and felony strangulation, stemming from three domestic violence incidents in February, March and April. The women requested anonymity because they fear retribution. The former boyfriend redshirted his freshman year and said he steered clear of Guice because “I probably would have lost my (expletive) on him.” He said LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron brought up the subject of his then-girlfriend and Guice about a year after the alleged assault, telling the athlete he shouldn’t be bothered by it. The details of her assault claim in the suit – which conceals her and Guice’s identities – match those provided to USA TODAY this year when a reporter first interviewed her. The woman told her friend on the LSU women’s diving team but asked her not to say anything, she said. The lawsuit was filed in April in federal court, then refiled in May in state court in Ingham County, Michigan. Sell dismissed her from the team after she tested positive for a drug that she had not been prescribed. Campus and local police have no records of them. Derrius Guice, who played at LSU from 2015 to '17, has been accused of rape by two former students. “(Orgeron) said, ‘Everybody’s girlfriend sleeps with other people,’ ” the former player told USA TODAY. Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. “The allegations and accusations presented in the USA Today story are deeply troubling. According to the women and six friends and family members interviewed by USA TODAY, school officials at the time didn’t believe the women and provided questionable explanations as to why their alleged assaults wouldn’t be investigated. The diver told USA TODAY she was so upset by what the woman told her that she reported the incident to her coach. Federal Title IX policies in place when the reports were made required universities to “promptly investigate” sexual assault allegations to determine what occurred, then take appropriate steps to resolve the situation. LSU has appealed Judge Clark’s ruling. CBS Sports is a registered trademark of CBS Broadcasting Inc. , LSU ignored complaints against abusers, denied victims’ requests for protections and subjected them to further harm by known perpetrators. The impact of the incident was devastating, the woman said. The Washington Football Team cut ties with Guice within hours of his arrest. Washington head coach Ron Rivera told reporters in a videoconference Aug. 10 that the decision to cut Guice was his, but he declined to say whether any factors beyond the domestic violence charges influenced the decision. According to the report from USA Today, LSU ignored complaints against abusers, denied victims’ requests for protections and subjected them to further harm by known perpetrators. Kirschstein, a former sex crimes prosecutor for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, heads the sexual misconduct division of a private law firm, T&M Protection Resources. “The way my counselor says it, (assault survivors) either don’t want anything to do with guys or they’re trying to get power back and go out of control. “My life spiraled out of control completely,” she said. The former tennis player’s account is documented in a pending lawsuit against the NCAA, in which she and several women allege the college sports organization is liable for their assaults by athletes because it failed to address athlete sexual violence at its member schools.