Symptoms of dehydration include headache, lightheadedness, constipation, and bad breath. Start by selecting which of these best describes you! what could it be?" However, drinking water … I'm not peeing that much this pregnancy either. Overview. But make sure you don't go thirsty in the attempt to make bathroom visits less frequent. If your urine is darker then that's a sign your not getting enough and possibly dehydrating. I guess I would give your doctor a call and ask them about it. All I can drink is water, and I'm drinking a lot too, and like you, I'm not going to the toilet as much as I'd thought and not needing to go in the symptom I think I don't have this time round!! i would maybe go to your gp as it could be a water infection write down how much you are drinking and when you do go to the toilet and take to your gp too. During pregnancy, you should drink about 10 cups or 2.3 litres of water or other fluids in a day. Ultrasound tests require you to drink a lot of water before them. Aa. Frequent dark urine can be a sign of other complications too. Don't have the 'urge to go' and I can sleep through the night no problem. It's typically recommended to drink 64-100 ounces of water a day and you are drinking 96-165. It feels weird when others I can't stay out of the bathroom. You might have an electrolyte imbalance: Electrolyte imbalances are one of the most common reasons you might feel dehydrated even after drinking tons of water. I'm not a huge water person to begin with and now it gives me indigestion, I literally just keep burping it back up, so gross! I'm 6+5 and apart from sore boobs and a little nausea I haven't had any other symptoms and I don't feel like I'm going to the toilet any more than usual. That's why I would just check with the doctor. How Drinking Water Affects Pregnancy Tests . Pregnant for the first time Not urinating frequently. Nearly three litres.. where does it all go because I no longer go urinate often! I'm drinking LOADS too! it definately didn't happen with my daughter. Sorry to hear your journey ended, can't believe how many women have had this happen too on here... hope you gain strengh to get you through and try try again! Though it really varies based on your body type and size, how active you are, and so on, the general rule of thumb is somewhere between eight and 10 8-ounce glasses of water (from all sources) a day. However, the need for water varies for all women. When a bladder infection develops during pregnancy, you may have discomfort when you urinate or have a … Kelly59Layla . Oliguria is considered to be a urinary output of less than 400 milliliters, which is … Don't have the urge to go etc. At least 2-3 litres of water/orange juice (I've totally gone off all hot drinks) a day. That is a ton. thanks so much for your reply! I have a 32 oz cup that I fill up 3 to 5 times a day but only pee about 4 times a day and sometimes it's not very much and it's sometimes its very concentrated. Baby Jack arrived 15.10.2013 ( Miracles do happen!! When your urine becomes diluted by drinking lots of fluids, it takes on a pale yellow or clear color, and the urine concentration of hCG becomes lower. It's probably fine but it doesn't hurt to double check or get your urine cultured. That seems like too much water and it's odd that your urine would still be that concentrated and that you're going so rarely. GIF courtesy of Glucose pregnancy test needs you to gulp heaps of glucose. I have frequent urination during the day and am worried about dehydration so I keep drinking more water and urinating more than I take in. I am currently 36 weeks pregnant. As a mommy-to-be, now more than ever it is important to stay adequately hydrated throughout the day. Are you very physically active? In general, a cat drinking more water than usual is not normal and is usually a symptom that something is wrong. Posted 10/27/09. Dark urine is also a result of some prenatal vitamins, too. I'm not peeing as much as I would think I would be after drinking so much. Are you very physically active? That is a ton. The benefits of drinking a lot of water during pregnancy clearly … The amount of water you are supposed to drink is in relation to your body type. ), so if your body is rejecting water, there are other liquids that you can drink to help stay hydrated. The weird part is I am hardly urinating at all. I'm not peeing as much as I would think I would be after drinking so much. todd30. I workout every morning and stay hydrated through that but once the afternoon hits I almost never have to pee no matter how much I drink. The Benefits of Drinking Water During Pregnancy. each). A. ). The biggest signs that you're dehydrated include inability to sweat, dry skin, bad breath, dark pee, and urination less than six times a day. You can try drinking plenty of fluids during the day, then cutting back in the hours before you go to bed. Whether you’re pregnant or not, your body needs water to function properly. Communities > Urology > drinking alot of water but not peeing very much. Bear in mind that a lot of your cat’s water intake might come from their food. So, if you are not regularly drinking enough water, your “sponge” could be getting too dry, and your “balloon” could, consequently, not be stretched out enough to hold all that water. When a woman gets pregnant, during early stages visiting the hospital becomes a ritual. Now is the perfect time to start your Baby Registry! It's not uncommon to not pee all the time like how people normally think of pregnant women but that is a lot of water to be drinking and still having very concentrated urine. A. : Hi Ladies Hope all your pregnancies are going well. no, i don't have edema, thank goodness! Little things like uploading a profile picture make the community a better place. i drank a lot during my pregnancy but constantly on the loo too sadly my journey ended last week and cant bring myself to leave this group yet xx. Treatment for dehydration is to replace lost fluids and electrolytes. However, when you are not drinking enough water, you could be inviting a lot of health problems. I still feel like I need to drink more water. Frequent urination means having to visit the bathroom more often than usual. Sure, you may be running to the bathroom more often than you already are but you won’t regret drinking enough water and feeling great during pregnancy. Thanks! We subscribe to the HONcode principles of the, Breastfeeding: the trick to a comfy latch. Don't complain! It's typically recommended to drink 64-100 ounces of water a day and you are drinking 96-165. not urinating excessivly. Most women have an increased urge to urinate during pregnancy. I don't feel like I need to go very often and when I do finally go it is very little, probably about a tenth of what I usually go. “A person who is behind in their fluids (dehydrated) can drink a lot of water but not urinate much,” says Arielle Levitan, MD, board certified in internal medicine and co-founder of Vous Vitamin LLC and co-author of “The Vitamin Solution: Two Doctors Clear the Confusion About Vitamins and Your Health.” Ask yourself the following questions: my wife is 8 months pregnant and drinking lots of mater and not peeing very much. An average cat weighing 4 kilos (8.8 lbs) should take approximately 180 ml/day, if they are overweight and also urinate a lot, it means that something is happening and we should go to the vet.The exception is when the weather is generally hot, when the animal must … All I'm doing is peeing!! It was darker and almost "bubbly" which is common when there is too much protein. I drink about 64 ounces or more of water a day and only go pee every 2 or 3 hours which seems pretty normal. Drinking lots but not urinating often? I have been running in the A.M.(9) before it gets to hot, I pee first thing in the a.m. when i get up then I go running come home and drink alot of water around 40ounces and then I dont pee … It is not life-threatening, but it can indicate an underlying condition … This would be vague information for a mom-to-be. Congratulations, you’re having a baby! Aim to drink at least 10 8-ounce glasses of water a day while pregnant. There is, unfortunately, no easy way to skip the uncomfortable peeing-every-2-seconds phase, but the good news is that it is just a phase. The importance of drinking adequate water cannot be stated enough, more so if you are pregnant or are a nursing mother. A. I've been drinking a lot of water (drank about 8 glasses today, glasses that are about 16oz. Close Urology Community 19.5k Members drinking alot of water but not peeing very much. : Could be a variety of possible causes. How Much Water You Should Drink During Pregnancy. Your vet will be able to tell you roughly how much water your cat needs based on their diet, lifestyle, and physical health. With DD I had pre-eclampsia and I had protein in my urine. I guess I would give your doctor a call and ask them about it. I don't mean to freak you out but frequent dark urine can sometimes be an indicator of other issues. "drinking lots of water but always thirsty. ), Hi mumzybarbie, drinking about a litre and half maybe more but no extra loo visits - think i will mention it at next app. How much water should you drink each day while pregnant? If your urine is without visible urochrome or yellow pigment, it’s considered colorless urine, appearing “clear” to you. Is this still not enough water? I'm having the same problem and I never had it during my 3 previous pregnancies. I don't drink quite as much as you but I really cannot drink more. wishing you a happy andhealthy pregnancy hun xxx. I've been drinking lots of water and I still feel like I need to drink more water. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends a daily intake of between 1.5 and two litres of water (eight 250mls or 8fl oz. i would have expected edema to appear, but although i gained so much, i didn't notice … For example, a cat that lives inside a cool house may not drink quite as much as a very active cat who spends a lot of time outside. thankyou scouserlaydee this baby was a happy surprise, so no plans to try again although all i want to do is be pregnant again. I was exactly the same last pregnancy too, I drank loads! all tests.. Read More. Topic Overview. There are a number of causes of dehydration including heat exposure, prolonged vigorous exercise, and some diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Just curious if any body else had this issue? This is a normal body response related to hormone changes that occur during pregnancy and to physical pressure on the bladder.. Bladder infections are more common during pregnancy. However, unlike other counterparts home pregnancy … However I do have a massive swollen tummy so I think I have a fair amount of water retention and remember you need more fluid for the amniotic sac and extra blood. Drinking plenty of water also dilutes the urine, reducing the risk of urinary infections, which can be common in pregnancy. The #1 app for tracking pregnancy and baby growth. Dear Odur, It is perfectly normal to pass urine frequently when we drink a lot of water. And last couple of weeks I've noticed with the water I have been drinking. There are several different reasons your dog may be thirstier than normal. Oliguria is the medical term for a decreased output of urine. Also had urge to defecate but went very little again. Instead of raising a glass of wine to toast, let’s raise a glass of water (or ten to be exact). I'm drinking LOADS too! Ladies, need some advice. I don?t know if this is a good or bad thing but I do not have to urinate frequently. This colorless urine is sometimes due to drinking an excess of water, … she is not dehydrated but is starting to have a slight gas pain. The Institute of Medicine recommends that pregnant women drink 10 8-ounce cups of water or other beverages every day, more or less - whatever is … the whole thing started suddenly last sunday and went on till yesterday - every day of those days i gained 1/2-1 kg, but since yesterday things seem to be much better again and i started urinating again and already lost 1 kg. It is one of the first signs of pregnancy but I?ve never experience this and I am 6 weeks along. I'd still call doctor and get his or hers opinion. Get weekly updates on baby and your body. My Dr has never said that my urine samples look to concentrated or anything is off, so until I hear otherwise I'm just going to continue doing the best I can. Or should I bring this up to my dr? Therefore, on an average, a pregnant woman should drink at least 10–13 glasses of water every day. 10 Reasons for a Dog Drinking a Lot of Water. Sometimes you have to take so many tests that you know exactly what the doctor will do after every step. That seems like too much water and it's odd that your urine would still be that concentrated and that you're going so rarely. It was partly due to anxiety and partly … Water beyond the body’s requirement may dilute the internal fluid … Had frequent but clear urination the rest of the night but I could not sleep. Water is vital in regulating the major functions of your body. I was freaked out and started drinking a lot of water. Not all of them are a medical issue, but … xxxx, Kat, wife to Ben and mummy to gorgeous Layla - January 2011 and beautiful Phoebe - October 2013, hi hun how much are you drinking? Dehydration is the excessive loss of body water. The weird part is I am hardly urinating at all. You need to drink lots of water during pregnancy, way more water than an average human being would drink on a daily basis. It's important for you to stay well hydrated. Luckily, every liquid that you take into your body contains water (yay! Is this just one of … You’ll need more water to keep your system running for two during pregnancy. Bit of a strange question, I have noticed I am drinking lots and quite thirsty (I have had over 2 litres of fluid today) and this evening I felt like I needed a wee a few times but hardly anything came out but it was clear, the same thing happened yesterday where I felt like I needed a wee and it was hardly anything despite drinking a lot. How Much Water To Drink While Pregnant When pregnant, you should be drinking more water than you typically would, around 8-10 eight-ounce glasses per day. Anyone experiencing this? 3 times in one hour it's unreal feels like its all I ever do! Le recommends calling your provider “if you’re drinking at least 6-8 full glasses of water a day and only urinating 1-2 times a day and/or … Drinking water—or any fluids—can, in fact, affect the results of an at-home urine pregnancy test, especially when taken very early in the pregnancy. It's probably nothing but I would still talk to your OB. At least 2-3 litres of water/orange juice (I've totally gone off all hot drinks) a day. It is absolutely normal if you feel the need to consume more or less water than the recommended standards. is it normal for a 8 month pregnant woman's body to hold water like this? You have to take in consideration how active you are and if it's really warm where you are and sweating a lot. Answered by Dr. Payam Rafat: Many possibilities. lightly concerned as most books and websites I've read say that this is such a common sign of pregnancy. Keep a water bottle with you at all times which will remind you to drink water.